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The Remote Download Interface is a standard interface to digital tachographs. The six European truck manufacturers Daimler, MAN, Scania, Volvo (incl. Renault), DAF Trucks, Iveco and the suppliers of digital tachographs (Continental, Stoneridge, Actia) have jointly developed a standard interface at the tachographs based on SAE J 1939 (diagnostic mode).

The description of the interface is available for download (without any cost) on the homepage of FMS-Standard.

The tachographs make the mass memory of the digital tachograph and the content of the inserted driver cards available at a standard connector in the vehicle (description of the connector is as well available on the homepage of FMS-Standard) for remote download. After a remote authentication of the company card are the same data available at this connector as on the regular download connector of the tachograph (front connector) even during driving.

It is not necessary to insert the company card in the slot of the tachograph. The authentication is done remotely. All downloaded data are digital signed, accepted by the authorities and can be processed by the existing software tools and applications (e.g. for archiving).

If there is a FMS interface installed in the vehicle, the FMS data are as well available on the same connector. The truck manufacturers and the suppliers of the tachographs have designed a “common” interface to make the process for the mandatory download of the memory or the tachograph much more easier. The new tachographs for remote downloading will available factory fitted in a truck beginning of 2009.

The following procedure has to be done for remote download:
1. Remote Authentication of the company card with declaration of the data to be downloaded.
2. After a successful authentication by the tachograph, the data can be downloaded, stored, and transmitted. It is not necessary to use a secure protocol for transmitting the data as the data are signed digitally.
3. The company card can be used for the next remote download (next vehicle) after a successful authentication. The company card is not necessary for the remote download.
4. The remote authentication is valid for 24 hours. It can be interrupted by disconnection from power supply, insertion of a valid workshop card, company card or control card.
5. There is no activity needed by the driver. The procedures can be done during driving.
6. Inserted driver cards can be downloaded as well (authentication is as well necessary for this). The driver has always access to his card – however, the download of the card data will be interrupted.

The truck manufacturers and the suppliers of the tachographs have made an important contribution to save time and money with the legal requested regular download of these data.