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Know how - FMS-Standard Bus

The Fleet Management Systems Interface for buses and coaches (Bus-FMS) is a standard interface to vehicle data of buses and coaches. The six European manufacturers Daimler buses, MAN, Scania bus, Volvo bus, IrisBus and VDL have developed the so called Bus FMS-Standard in 2004 to make manufacturer independent applications for telematics possible as well for buses and coaches. The interface is based on the FMS-Standard for commercial vehicles.

The following data are broadcasted at the FMS interface:
· Vehicle speed (wheel based)
· Vehicle speed (from tachograph)
· Clutch switch (on/off)
· Break switch (on/off)
· Parking Brake Switch (on/off)
· Cruise control (on/off)
· PTO (Status/Mode)
· Accelerator pedal position (0–100 %)
· Total fuel used (litre since life time)
· Fuel level (0–100 %)
· Engine speed
· Total engine hours (h)
· FMS-Standard Software Version (supported modes)
· Tachograph information
· Vehicle identification number (ASCII)
· High resolution vehicle distance
· Engine coolant temperature
· Doors – different status information
· Ramp/wheel chairlift status
· Time / date
· Service brake air pressure circuit ½
· Alternator 1-4 status
· Selected gear
· Current gear
· Bellow pressure

With Version 2 (since 2010)
· Driver identification (1,2)
· Fuel rate, Instantaneous fuel economy
· Tell tale status information as shown in the dashboard

The data are coded according SAE J 1939. The repetition rate of the data is between 20ms (e.g. engine speed) and 10 sec. (e.g. vehicle identification number).

It is pleasant that the Bus manufacturers could agree on a common connector at all brands to have access to the Bus-FMS-Standard information. With the Bus-FMS-Standard it is now possible to have manufacturer independent applications and evaluations of the data.

The amount of data is dependent on the manufacturer and model of the bus/coach and might be different. If some data are not available at the interface they are marked as not available.

According a note from the bus/coach manufacturers the Bus-FMS-Standard is seen as a world wide standard. A direct connection to the internal vehicle bus system is not permitted by the bus/coach manufacturers and could lead to the loss of warranty. According ACEA ca. 36.000 bus and coaches were fitted with a Bus-FMS-Standard Interface in the year 2010.