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- PikoLoad
- PikoTest
- PikoEval
The evaluation kit PikoEval consists of a standard unit and a development unit
which contains some test data to emulate the output.
Therefore no digital tachogrpah is needed for the development of the implentation of PikoLoad.
The evaluation kit PikoEval has been designed to assist fleetmanagement suppliers to integrate the PikoLoad functions to their application and to offer an easy way to get access to the data of the tachograph.
No vehicle or tachograph is needed.
With the help of PikoEval you will be able to extend your application in short time
with the data of the tachograph.
If you already got a remote download tachograph for your development you can easy use it with the standard unit.

Developer Manual V17.00 (28.09.2016)
Guideline Development V4 (19.12.2012)