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Products - PikoTest

PikoTest has been developed for the recording of data at a FMS- or Bus FMS-interface. In combination with the FMS-Test internet page (FMS-Standard Test) all recorded FMS data of the interface are evaluated and you will get a report with a print option with a mouse click. This product is interesting for workshops, but as well for suppliers of on board systems supporting the FMS interface of the vehicle.
Presentation PikoTest

With its function as FMS tester, PikoTest supports tests as well at the FMS Standard interface as at the Bus FMS Standard interface.
You want to know what data are available at the FMS interface of your vehicle ?

No problem !

PikoTest is the perfect unit to record data from the FMS-Standard interface. Just connect, plug your USB-stick and get started. After a successful recording the data are stored on the USB-stick and can be evaluated via Internet. Would you like to test how easy it is ? Just look at the example on FMS-Standard Test.

NEW !!
In addition you can run a test for remote Download from digital tachographs with PikoTest.
After the test run you will have the test report with all necessary information as a text file available on the USB-stick.

It is perfect for workshops and fleet management companies to check the installation.
One unit three testers- as brilliant as it is simple !

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