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Products - PikoLoad

Long time to download from the digital tachograph, problems to organize the regular download of the mass memory - ever been in this situation?

That´s history with PikoLoad !

Pikoload has been developed for the automatic and regular download of the mass memory of the digital tachograph (and the inserted driver cards). After inserting a valid company card in Pikoload and in combination with a digital remote download tachograph Pikoload takes over the task to download the mass memory. This improves the situation and makes it easier to fulfil the legal requirements – especially for those vehicles travelling for a long time.

Driver cards are automatically downloaded from the slots of the tachograph during driving without additional efforts. Mass memory and driver card data are easily stored:
* on the USB stick
* readable on RS232
* readable on CAN
and can be used for all existing programs for evaluation and post-processing.

NEW since April 2019 !!!
SW-Update to Version 20
Support for the download with the new generation of tachographs and driver cards
Note: This Update is not free of cost
If you are interested please ask for an offer by email:

Since September 2016 !!!
SW-Update to Vers. 17
Download of Driver card to be configured

Since May 2015 !!!
SW-Update to Vers. 16
Function for installation support added (LED blink codes)

Since May 2014 !!!
SW-Update to Vers. 14
Further functions for remote analyse and bugfix for tacho malfunctions

Since December 2012 !!!
New Housing and SW update to Vers. 13
New functions added for remote analyse.

Since April 2011 !!!
Download the Driver card direct at PikoLoad
Supports the download of the Driver card at PikoLoad and have the data present for connected
bord computer systems.
Ideal to be used in vehicles with tachographs without remote download capability.

Since 13.07.2010 !!!
Function Remote Company Card:
Use your existing link (e.g. mobile communication) in conjunction with PikoLoad to integrate a connected card reader in the office. The insertion of the company card in the PikoLoad unit is no longer necessary.
Easy implementation at the office system!
NO implementation of the Remote Download protocol!

All information available in Download PikoEval !!!
Fast, reliable and cheap!

Presentation PikoLoad

Since April 2010
Tacho Status Information available.
Status information comparable to the D8-information are loaded and distributed by PikoLoad (via CAN and RS 232).
The following information is available:
TCS1,2: Tachograph Card Slot1,2
Date,Time (UTC): Date and Time
HRDTVD: High Resolution Total Vehicle Distance
D1,2WS: Driver 1,2 Working State
D1,2I (ASCII): Driver 1,2 Identification
D1,2CDT: Driver 1,2 Continuous Driving Time
D1,2TRS: Driver 1,2 Time Related States
D1,2CBT: Driver 1,2 Cumulative Break Time
D1,2CDOSA: Driver 1,2 Current Duration Of Selected Activity
D1,2CDTPACW: Driver1,2 Cumulated Driving Time Previous And Current Week

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